SFVR #11: Virtual Reality Showcase

November 3, 2015. 7 PM. Gray Area Theater. Mission District, San Francisco, California. 


SFVR is getting even bigger! We’re teaming up with Gray Area to bring you the newest virtual reality experiences and interactive installations. Join over 600 VR developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts at the beautiful Gray Area Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Try the newest VR technology, learn from pioneers in the field, and meet your fellow VR community in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Cash bar and free catering (with meat & vegan option) will be provided.


Coming soon.


TBA. Contact us if you’d like to demo.


Gray Area - Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization supporting Art & Technology for Social Good.

Contact us if you’d like to support the event. SFVR ticket sales only cover the basic event costs. Your sponsor support allows us to improve catering, book larger venues, pay speakers, and more. Thank you for supporting VR in San Francisco.


Both meat and gluten-free/vegan options will be provided.


Contact us if you’d like to volunteer.



We host two speakers per event so there is plenty of time to try demos and meet each other. You'll learn about the latest VR tech and also experience the newest hardware and software. The Bay Area is home to many of the original pioneers of VR as well as the new trailblazers. There is no better place to meet your fellow enthusiasts, artists, and developers. Past speakers and demos include Oculus, Sixense, zSpace, Mozilla, Leap Motion, Faceshift, Worldviz, MTBS3D, CastAR, Virtuix, Tactical Haptics, Condition One, and more.

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GDC VR Mixer: Joint event with SVVR - March 5, 2015

SVVR and SFVR invite you to the second-annual GDC VR Mixer on Thursday, March 5 from 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM in downtown San Francisco. This time, we’ve booked a 20,000 sq. ft. venue to showcase the newest virtual reality technology while making sure you have plenty of space to socialize. Best of all, it’s only two blocks from GDC. 

The VR Mixer has emerged as the largest vendor-neutral VR gathering during GDC. Our goal is to create an unforgettable night of VR fun that results in lasting friendships and business connections. To do that, we’re providing free catering and a full cash bar. Also, there will be live music performances of [NUREN] The New Renaissance, the VR Music experience by Jake Kaufman & Jessie Seely, and from Danimal Cannon (Proton Pulse).

SFVR #9 - May 30, 2015

SFVR is proud to announce our next event is a Project Tango Hackathon & VR Expo. During the day, Bay Area developers will compete to win free Google Project Tango devices in a fun and fast-paced VR hackathon. In the evening, a massive VR Expo will open to the public. Attendees will get to try the latest virtual reality technology and also judge the hackathon winners. You’ll be able to try Project Tango combined with Durovis DIVE, an exciting new VR hardware platform. SFVR #9’s location will be at Adobe’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco. Google will be providing free catering for the event. Join us for a day of cutting-edge software development and a night of unforgettable VR demos and celebration. See you there!


SFVR #10 - August 18, 2015

SFVR #9 was huge, but for our 10th official event it's time to go even bigger. SFVR #10 will be located at Mighty, one of San Francisco's largest nightclubs with capacity for over 400 virtual reality developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.


Try the latest VR technology, learn from pioneers in the field, and meet your fellow VR community in a casual, friendly atmosphere.


Cash bar and free catering will be provided.