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We are a marine aquarium club located in the San Fernando Valley. We meet monthly and have frag swaps throughout the year. We also have a forum where our members can share reefing tips, trade corals and keep up with club news.

If you are not a member and would like to be, please sign up by entering your name and email address on the Members Page and don’t forget to register on our FORUM!

We will post our next event soon! 


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                    Hamilton Technology        
Featured Sponsor:      Hamilton Technology


Hamilton Technology is a leading manufacturer of high quality aquarium lighting offering customers the widest selection of metal halide, compact fluorescent, and VHO lighting available today at the lowest prices. Their mission is to offer you, state of the art lighting that meets our high standards of quality, innovation, and value. Hamilton Technology has served the lighting needs of both the professional and the hobbyist aquarist for more than sixteen years and is considered by many to be the choice of experts.

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Oceanic Awareness Collaboration, Inc.

Founded by fellow reefer Clay Wendel and Tanner Hoss. The OAC sets its scope on all things ocean related and not widely addressed. Currently their focus takes aim at the North Pacific Gyre “Trash Island”. To learn more information and how to support this cause visit the OAC website.

Oceanic Preservation Society

Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) is a non-profit organization that creates film, photography, and media to inspire people to save the oceans. Many of you may recognize their efforts in the Documentary 'The Cove' which delves into the annual dolphin massacre in a secret cove in Taiji, Japan.

The OPS aims to bring awareness to many issues threatening the world's ocean life such as; mass species extinction, ocean acidification, underwater noise pollution and much more.

To learn more and lend your support visit: Oceanic Preservation Society




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